Partner with Rogue Moto and Mosko Moto for an Unforgettable Ride

At Rogue Moto, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of dual-sport and adventure motorcycles, as well as the necessary accessories to go with them. One of our favorite partners is Mosko Moto, who provides us with meticulously designed panniers, duffles, tool bags and tank bags for our fleet of rental motorcycles. Their products are designed for harsh environments and offer a range of options to accommodate different size motorcycles and different types of trips – from extended backcountry camping rides to hotel hopping excursions and everything in between. 

Mosko Moto offers more than just bags and panniers. They have an ever-evolving line of apparel, including thoughtfully engineered riding jackets, pants, insulating layers, and rain gear that are sure to keep you comfortable and safe on the road and trail. Plus, their customer service and support are second to none.

We’ve been fortunate to ride with Mosko Moto on a number of occasions, including team rides in Baja Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, as well as on film events. Our customers have great experiences with their products, often returning with glowing reviews of the gear’s performance on their rides. 

At Rogue Moto, we are grateful to have Mosko Moto as a trusted partner, providing us with the best panniers and bags, as well as a wide range of other products to keep our customers safe and comfortable on their rides.

Here’s a video we did with Mosko last March 2022!


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